Chalk Board Bespoke Event Decoration

For the past 22 years I have worked for Let’s Party Ltd. I have worked my way up from casual Saturday staff to working on the marketing/promotion of the company to fully trained florist and partner within the company. I have loved every minute! My mum Angela and I were very proud of the reputation and service Let’s Party offered over the years, building up a strong reputation with many local venues and fellow suppliers within the industry. 

Unfortunately,due to the Coronavirus Pandemic Let’s Party had no new bookings for 4 months and were unable to remain open. Angela had been trying to retire for a few years so this seemed the right time for her to close Let’s Party. After careful consideration, I realised I still love this industry with a passion and although it is exhausting and at times stressful, it is also amazingly rewarding to help people celebrate the best, most important days of their lives. I still have a lot more to give, so have decided to brave it on my own.

I really hope you can join me on this exciting new venture. 

Claire x